Marketing & Communications

The role manages external and internal communications and marketing content and timing. Informs the community about the League's activities to strengthen the League's ability to be effective and increase membership.

Community Services

Community Services organizes activities in Westport to foster education in citizenship and promote the League’s mission and policies.  Community Services covers projects and programs that involve outreach to the larger community such as Voter Registration drives, Know Your Town: A Directory of Officials, Agencies and Services, the LWV Westport website and our School Civics 101 and Community Civics 101 programs.

Member Services


Engagement involves oversight and coordination of new member recruitment and existing member renewal. To keep members informed, the Member Services publishes the annual Member Directory and maintains the email list and telephone tree. In addition, Member Services administers the membership database required by the state and national Leagues.


Events involves oversight and coordination of new member retention and involvement. This includes organizing a variety of events throughout the year including the Fall Brunch, Post-Election Coffee, and Annual Meeting to name a few.

Program and Advocacy

Program/Advocacy can be at the local, state or national level. In any year, the League may look at town government functions or issues of local interest; invite speakers to inform members and/or the public; or work together with town departments or other civic organizations in areas related to LWV positions.  Members may approve an area for study and update of an existing position, or approve a new study.  The League supports LWVCT advocacy on proposed state legislation and state administrative matters by contacting our legislative representatives, submitting testimony, and hosting informative meetings.

Voter Service

Voter Service strives to increase citizen participation in the electoral process and to increase political awareness in a nonpartisan manner. Each year, the League creates a Voters' Guide that contains information on candidates and issues for the upcoming elections. The goal is to distribute the Guide to every household in Westport. Responsible for organizing and conducting the candidates' debates which take place in the fall prior to Election Day.

Observer Corps

Observer Corps members are the eyes and ears of the League at public meetings; they attend town Board and Commission meetings to listen and take notes on the agenda items. They do not speak, testify or act in any way on issues under discussion. Observers meet monthly, together with the Action Committee, to share observations and jointly identify issues meriting League attention.

Action Committee

Action Committee follows issues of interest to the League as they develop and, based on League positions and the six founding principles, recommends action in a variety of forms, including meetings with elected or appointed officials, statements at public meetings, letters, or articles for the local papers.